What do we do? It is probably easier to answer what don’t we do?

We are here to be your one stop shop. It doesn’t matter if you want 5,000 shirts to outfit every employee in your company, or if you are just looking for a single hat to wear to your local ball games. We’ve got you covered. We are a close knit team, each team member specializing in our part of the decorated apparel process, and we work hard together to make sure you get the highest quality product, with the exact design you dreamed up, at a competitive price in a timely manner.

Screen Printing - A Quick Guide

From the concept in your mind, to the final printed garment, there are quite a few steps. We are here to take your idea through the steps, with no hassle or headache for you.

  1. We have an in-house designer, ready to work with you and get your ideas worked up into a cohesive design, ready for screen printing. As the customer, you will work with our designer and will receive a digital mock up (proof) of your design.

  2. Once you approve your design for print, our graphic artist will print your design onto vellum. There will be a separate printed page for each different color in your design.

  3. The extremely tightly woven mesh silk screens are coated in light sensitive emulsion. The color separated print outs are then “burned” onto a screen, using a light table.

  4. The screens are then washed out with a hose. The area of the emulsion that had a design taped on it, did not get hardened by the light, and will wash away leaving an area clear of emulsion on the screen in the shape of your design.

  5. Our master printer with more than 25 years of experience then lines each of the screens needed for your design up on the carousel and ensures that each screen, when printed will line up exactly with every other screen (each color needs it’s own designated screen).

  6. Ink is put onto the screen, and your garment is loaded onto the platens; centered and straight. The printer then puts the screen down over your garment and uses a large squeegee to push the ink across the screen, and through the clear areas in the screen onto your item. If the design has multiple colors, he then rotates to the next screen and repeats the squeegee process for each color.

  7. Your garment is removed from the printer and put through a belt dryer (think of a conveyor belt pizza oven). Once the item is completely through the dryer, the ink is cured and your item is ready!

Embroidery - A Quick Guide

Much like screen printing, we can work with our designer and get your idea created from concept, to a beautifully stitched final product.

  1. If you have never had your logo stitched before, we will need you to provide us a picture to work from and our designer will turn the logo into a vector file that we can work from.

  2. That file will need to be digitized for the embroidery machine to read where to put the stitches to make sure your logo looks as good as possible when it is complete. This requires a one time fee. Once we have the digitized file, you will not need to pay for digitizing again.

  3. Our embroiderer with more than 19 years of experience will take the digitized logo and do test stitches to make sure it is stitching exactly as it should. If it is not perfect, she will advise the digitizer of the needed changes and they will work together until your logo is perfect!

We have NO minimum orders on embroidery!